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Morgan Keller

Alaina Drewery

I have always had a love for animals. I am enjoying all the fun experiences at work. At home I have a cat Sonny, a corn snake named Carnelian, and my chinchilla Sora.  I love to see all the funny personalities of the dogs and cats we see here.  Looking forward to helping you! 


   Augie's pet spa and resort

Sonya Hoium

I knew I had a love for animals after volenteering at the zoo for several years.  I am really enjoying working with all the different animals, and meeting all the nice people. My pets at home are Bibi and Lacey, two brown tabbies. Happy to be part of the team! 

Leslie Reynolds

boarding and grooming 

I am the owner of Augie's Pet Spa. I have always had a love and passion for animals. I have 20 years in grooming and boarding and had several years of vet assistant work as well. I love what I do which makes work seem easy. I will always make sure these animals that come to visit us receive the best care. We would love to provide for your animal care services. 

We love our furry friends and we love each other. We love being your family's safe place to leave your furry friends!

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All types of animals have a place in my heart, especially dogs and cats. I had one dog at home whom I loved very much. Animals always come first for me and I love working here very much! I can't wait for your furbaby to come through the door!